Reading Gajeel’s sound, Levy swims so you’re able to his area

Reading Gajeel’s sound, Levy swims so you’re able to his area

In their fight Torafusa and Tempesta, Gajeel and you may Natsu begin to bicker, up until Tempesta launches a large wave regarding black colored water. Gajeel tells Natsu to store this new girls and find an escape route from h2o, merely to find him involuntary.

Gajeel is actually told that drinking water is poisonous and certainly will destroy him along with his comrades in five full minutes. Stressed Torafusa, Gajeel’s heavens suply soon fades, causing Gajeel to concern his likeliness to survive. Their awareness diminishing, Gajeel notices a white. Levy appears and you will transfers her very own air in order to Gajeel thru mouth to help you mouth area, resulting in your to wake up at the her own consciousness’ debts. Viewing Levy’s exposure, Gajeel wonders as to why the woman is there. Torafusa episodes Gajeel once more, but Gajeel lso are-comes into Iron Shadow Dragon Means which is in a position to safely challenge right back, when you find yourself carrying Levy.

Being cut back so you’re able to her sensory faculties whenever Gajeel viscously shakes their particular, Levy are expected from the Dragon Slayer to offer sky to her almost every other comrades, and you can gets flustered whenever she realizes she have used their particular Magic to offer Gajeel air rather than throat-to-lips. Playing with their particular Magic at a time, Levy produces a bubble from air on her behalf and you will Gajeel so you’re able to air of the, then swims out over help Juvia, Lucy and you can Natsu since the Gajeel will continue to race Torafuzar.

If you are Gajeel and you will Levy take Laxus and you can Juvia which have Porlyusica thus you to definitely both located medical assistance, Levy attempts to build bull crap of the stating that Gajeel should compose a beneficial ballad on her behalf in order to have stored his life (giving your air). Gajeel shows for a moment and you may actually starts to sing, up to a highly ashamed Levy request your to prevent.

Each week after the defeat from Tartaros, Levy spends big date which have Gajeel, just who tries to manage Metalicana’s losses. the guy falls asleep to your pavement, Levy reminds him that it’s not the brand new guild, therefore he cannot do that, however, their feedback merely match their silence since an answer.

Avatar Arc [ ]

Levy infiltrated with the Avatar’s cult wearing all the information to help you arrest all the cultist. This new threesome failed to catch the previous comrades out of Fairy End, whether or not Gajeel mentioned from time to time which he was going to arrest them. After that, Levy and you will Gajeel decided to go to the latest Wonders Council to technically stop its perform because the people in the fresh new Miracle Council Enforcement Unit and you may found later on when you look at the Magnolia the remainder of their guild people.

Alvarez Kingdom Arch [ ]

Gajeel plus the reformed B team heads over to increase the fundamental infiltration group because of the interested in Laxus. Levy angrily captures up with them and you may states that she was perhaps not greet. Although not, Gajeel retorted because of the saying that she try very brief so she might have go with their bag, causing their own exclaiming one Gajeel was a big dummy. Juvia produces certain comments about the subject, and thinks they are flirting.

In the event that classification appear is at Bluish Pegasus’ very hot springs, they to generally meet Ichiya, exactly who says to her or him one Laxus together with Thunder-god Group features entered Blue Pegasus, something shocks Levy. Whenever Gajeel is kicked out over the women’s side of the scorching springs and you will countries on top of Levy, the woman is significantly ashamed and thus moves him. Prior to Alvarez 1st assaulted, Gajeel and you can Levy are noticed sleep together.

The night until the competition will be to start, Levy sees Gajeel resting out late into the evening and you may asks if he could be likely to others right up, to which the guy responds she’s one talk. Levy states you to she is frightened just like the enemy is the most powerful he has actually experienced and her miracle only cannot evaluate. Suddenly, Gajeel encompasses their unique inside iron clubs, stating he is planning to arrest their to own moaning. She pouts a little ahead of he says he is planning to arrest their particular and you may secure their own right up on guild’s prisons, causing their own in order to after that look.

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